Keyreative New Keycaps Height Profile KAM Preview

The KAM profile is a flat profile similar to the DSA profile. It is originally the R2 of the KAT profile.

  • The length of the base is 0.1mm longer than the one of DSA (ps. Cherry 18.2mm OEM 18mm). When applied to the keyboard, the gap between key caps will be closer. Meanwhile, the length of printing area will be 0.45mm bigger, which will improve accuracy of typing.

  • The thickness of the side wall will be 0.55mm more than DSA profile.

  • As it’s chosen from KAT R2, the height will be 1.05mm more than DSA.

  • The whole set includes: 1u, 1u raised line, 1.25u, 1.75u, 1.75u Step, 2.0u, 2.25u, 2.75u, ISO Enter, 2u space bars, 3u space bars, 6u space bars, 6.25u space bars and 7u space bars. And that will fit most of the Cherry MX keyboards.

  • The surface of KAM height profile key caps is smooth, and it’s probably the first smooth PBT keycaps available in the market.

(The image above is indicative only. The actual products may differ)

The blind spots are raised horizontal lines and do not use designs such as larger recessed angles.

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