KCH & KAP Keycaps Design and Information

KCH & KAP Keycaps Design and Information

We have developed keycaps with different materials and processes for the Cherry profile, and we have named these product lines KCH and KAP.


It includes molds for both PBT and ABS materials:

1. PBT (2020)
  • Can use top dye-sublimation and five-sided dye-sublimation (reverse dye-sublimation)
  • Supports "Dye-sublimation+" processes
  • Custom colors available

 Image 1: top dye-sublimationImage 2: five-sided dye-sublimation (reverse dye-sublimation)

2. ABS (2017) 
  • Available in glossy, matte, solid, semi-transparent, and fully transparent surfaces
  • Molds designed with "no ejector pin" structure to avoid marks in fully transparent products
  • UV printing can be applied on ABS keycaps
  • Various additives like glitter, pearlescent powder, fluorescent, and glow-in-the-dark can be added during injection molding
  • Custom colors available
Image 4:Semi-Transparent ABS KeycapImage 5: matte fully transparent ABS Keycaps


  • Profile : Cherry
  • Thickness: 1.7mm
  • Material: Supports both PBT and ABS
  • Compatibility: Supports almost all sizes

Kapowaz developed the font for us, so we named it: KAP. This font covers almost all languages and layouts, and we developed over 400 characters for KAP in our first round.


KAP will be available for use by global vendors and designers. The molds are

expected to complete all testing by August 15, 2024.

Information Aggregation

Materials and Processes

Thickness data

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