Keyreative comes out KAT profile in 2016

Keyreative, established in December 2013, is a studio focuses on mechanical keyboard keycaps. In 2016, we decided to develop a new profile PBT keycap, after meticulous design, rigorous material testing, and precision mold creation, KAT marks Keyreative's debut in-house developed mechanical keyboard keycap, introducing an innova form factor.

What is KAT profile keycaps?

"KAT" stands for "Keyreative All Touch," and these keycaps are distinguished by their unique sculpted shape and uniform height across all rows. They are designed to provide a comfortable typing experience with a distinct feel compared to other keycap profiles.

What are the KAT profile's features?

Uniform Height:

KAT keycaps are characterized by having a uniform height across all rows, which is different from many other keycap profiles that typically have varying heights. This design provides a consistent feel and allows for smoother and more natural movement across the rows. After analysing Cherry, SA, DSA profiles, and proposing dozens of new profiles, Keyreative finally came up with the new MiniSA (KAT) profile. It’s adapted the slope design from Cherry but increased row height, especially for R5 and changed the slope degree for each row.

Pink: Cherry profile; Blue: SA profile, Black: KAT profile

Pink: Cherry profile; Blue: SA profile, Black: KAT profile

3D Printed Sampling:

Function row (ESC row): as the farthest row from the home row, Keyreative applies an inclined design to provide a welcoming feeling to fingers. It allows faster triggering, which is significant for gamers as it improve efficiency and reduces stresses to fingers.

Function Row Comparison

Ergonomic Sculpted Shape: 

With rounded top edges and a slight concave surface, these keycaps are designed for enhanced typing comfort and reduced fatigue during extended use.

Ctrl key: is the highly frequently used key on board. However, it’s relatively harder to reach due the keyboard layout. From the survey, we learnt that most users use either ①little finger or ②the top part of the palm for the key.

KAT profile allows more precious triggering and lower chance of misuse. 

Unified spacing between rows: Different from Cherry and SA profile, KAT keeps same distance among the rows. This allows user to adapt to the new profile easier and start to enjoy faster.

Pink: Cherry profile; Blue: SA profile, Black: KAT profile

Unified spacing, similar as Cherry profile

Comfortable Sculpted Shape:

The KAT keycaps have rounded top edges and a slight concave surface that helps fit the fingertips better, enhancing typing comfort. This shape can reduce fatigue during prolonged typing sessions.

Consistent Typing Experience:

The uniform profile across all rows ensures a consistent and satisfying typing experience, making them ideal for both daily use and gaming.

Thanks to the near vertical design, the thickness is increased to maximum at 1.658mm. (Pic 6.1) Judging from the sampling we made, it’s achievable. The thickness for final product will be 1.65 ±0.1 mm.

Adapting the high profile from SA caps, added inspiration from sharp cat claws , KAT uses sharper edges on the sides.

87 degree sides for the unique chattering sound

High-Quality Materials:

Made from durable PBT plastic, KAT keycaps come in two varieties—Dye Sublimated PBT, which ensures long-lasting legends, and Doubleshot PBT, which offers exceptional durability and clarity.

Special treatment used to allow smooth surface on PBT keycaps. The “rough” surface on PBT keycaps is designed to hide scratches occur during manufacturing. The special treatment allows smooth surface on caps but lowers first pass yield and increases cost. More micro adjustment, e.g. clear but not sharp fillet corners, high profile keycap with dye sub processes. More experiences to be discovered by users.

Versatile Aesthetics:

KAT keycaps come in a wide variety of colors and designs, catering to different aesthetic preferences. From simple monochromatic schemes to intricate patterns, there is a KAT keycap set for every style.

When did KAT profile come out?

The design of the KAT profiled initially started in Dec 2016, submitted for modeling and sample manufacturing in May 2017, and proposed to start mass production in Aug 2018.

The set includes 6.25x and 7x spacebar, IOS enter, stepped CapsLock and more for variety layouts.

We will use the best dye sub process available for the legends, as we already did for some well know brands.

Where to buy KAT profile keycaps?

Our team, with years of experience and a relentless pursuit of detail, ensures that each keycap represents extraordinary craftsmanship and quality. We offer a range of keycap profiles including KAT, KAM, Cherry, and more, along with the most comprehensive production processes such as dye-sublimation, double-shot injection molding, and UV printing.

From vivid colors to exquisite patterns, from classic styles to modern designs, Keyreative's keycap series pursues perfection in every detail, showcasing our dedication to exceptional quality. Furthermore, our professional standards and reliability in the industry enable us to provide OEM services for numerous well-known brands globally.

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zFrontier offers a variety of KAT profile keycap sets, often featuring unique designs and collaborations with well-known designers.

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In conclusion, KAT profile keycaps represent a perfect blend of innovation, quality, and comfort, these keycaps stand out with their uniform height, ergonomic design, and premium materials, making them a top choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking a consistent and satisfying typing experience or looking to personalize your keyboard with unique aesthetics, KAT profile keycaps offer a versatile and reliable solution. As you explore the world of mechanical keyboards, investing in KAT keycaps will undoubtedly enhance your typing experience and add a touch of individuality to your setup.

Latest Updates on KAT Keycaps (2016-2024):

Since its inception in 2016, Keyreative has continuously upgraded the PBT single-shot molds used for KAT keycaps, now in its third generation with significant improvements:

1. The inconsistency in the texture of the first-generation products has been resolved.

2. Issues with warping space bars have been addressed.

3. Keycaps with three stems have been refined for greater precision, making them compatible with nearly all mechanical keyboards.

4. Through several enhancements to the molds, KAT now offers a complete range of space bars in all widths and lengths, including some unusual specifications.

5. IMP.: The raw material for injection molding of PBT single-shot molds comprises 97% PBT, with the remaining 3% consisting of colorants, opacifiers, and other additives, setting a high industry standard.

6.IMP.: Keyreative’s Dye Sub Plus technology is now fully implemented in KAT keycaps.

The double-shot molds for KAT have also undergone two generations of updates:

1. Character weights are now more uniform.

2. The modular design allows for the addition of new characters or novelty keycaps at a reduced cost.

3. IMP.: Given the generally thicker nature of double-shot keycaps, Keyreative uses an 85% PBT + 15% GF (Glass Fiber) material for injection molding, which enhances the molding properties of the material, resulting in improved accuracy and smoothness.